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All Grades - RACE writing strategy (poster/handout)
(10/26/07) All Grades - Directions

All Grades - Student Rubric for Claims & Evidence Lab Write-up

All Grades - Claims and Evidence Lab Worksheet and Rubric

All Grades - Claims and Evidence in Current Science Articles

Lesson Plan  -  Blank Student Worksheet  -  Student Worksheet Completed Example

7th Grade  -  Jury is Still Out  -  Lesson Plan   -   Blank Student Worksheet  -  Student Worksheet Key

7th grade - Claims and Evidence Lesson Plan - Ecology Lesson 76 – People, Birds, and Bats

7th Grade – Ecology.  Instead of writing three separate strategy lessons, we looked at every lesson in the Ecology unit and tried to match the tasks in each lesson with a suitable reading strategy.     (Click here to see the entire Ecology unit plan.)

Abbreviations used:  TRCA = Teaching Reading in the Content Area         CAR = Middle School Edition:  Content Area Reading

Lesson 76 – People, Birds, and Bats

  •     Use Claims and Evidence for note taking

  •     Use Lesson 76 template

Lesson 77 – Ups and Downs

  •   Answer analysis questions in science log.  Grade answers 4 & 7.

  •   Use Claims & Evidence on a modified Writing Frame, TR-125 from Ecology Teacher’s Manua

  •   Can differentiate for advanced learners by asking the final questions, “People who disagree with my decision might say that …..”

  •   Opportunity to play "Oh, Deer" game.

Lesson 81 – Producer’s Source of Energy

  •    Pt. 1 – Collecting Evidence

        Use T-notes for lab, CAR p. 35

       Use information from RTL posters for predicting.

  •    Pt. 2 – Role of Light

       Use Claims & Evidence

Lesson 83 – Suitable Habitat

  •     Use KIM template for vocabulary

  •     Use Claims & Evidence

  •     Use Quick-write for reflections, E-146

Refer to Lesson 74 on black worms

Lesson 84 – Clam Catch

  •     Use KIM template for vocabulary

  •     Use Claims & Evidence

  •     Use Sequential Organizer for Challenge question, CAR p. 45

        Possible opportunity to use "Oh, Deer".

RAFTS Strategy Lesson Plan for contributions of scientists to the Germ Theory of Disease

CRCSD Language Arts "Wiki"

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