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7th Grade – Ecology.  Instead of writing three separate strategy lessons, we looked at every lesson in the Ecology unit and tried to match the tasks in each lesson with a suitable reading strategy.     (Click here to see the entire Ecology unit plan.)

Abbreviations used:  TRCA = Teaching Reading in the Content Area         CAR = Middle School Edition:  Content Area Reading

Lesson 74 – Observing Organisms

  •    Use Frayer Model for vocabulary, CAR p. 67, TRCA p. 77

  •    Use Sematic Map, TRCA p. 135

  •    Share class findings on posters

        Refer to RTL posters (Main idea, Summarizing, etc.) for writing simple paragraph.

Lesson 75 – Classifying Animals

  •    Use KIM template for vocabulary

        Display kingdom posters if you have them

Lesson 78 – Coughing Up Clues

  •   Use KIM template for vocabulary

Lesson 80 – Nature’s Recyclers

  •   Use KIM template for vocabulary

        Copy E102 from Ecology Teacher’s Manual & glue into science log

        Make transparency of Rules for Microscope, E103-E105 Ecology Teacher’s Manual

  •   Use Sequencing to take notes on microscope use

  •   Use Quick-write on focusing microscope

        Give microscope quiz

Lesson 83 – Suitable Habitat

  •    Use KIM template for vocabulary

  •    Use Claims & Evidence

  •    Use Quick-write for reflections, E-146

Refer to Lesson 74 on black worms

Lesson 84 – Clam Catch

  •   Use KIM template for vocabulary

  •   Use Claims & Evidence

  •   Use Sequential Organizer for Challenge question, CAR p. 45

        Possible opportunity to use Oh, Deer

Lesson 85 – Is There Room for One More?

  •  Use KIM template for vocabulary

KWL Strategy to introduce the Genetics Unit    -  Sample Completed KWL Chart

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