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PowerPoint describing types of Questions, Graphic Organizers, and Summarizing with links to web sites for specific strategies and teaching methods.


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 Description, Rationale, Instructional Sequence, and References for QAR

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Science Teaching Strategies  -  Classroom Questioning
Questions are central to Science. Teachers that use a wide variety of questioning techniques provide for deeper, more meaningful learning for students. There are many categories of questions.

Costa’s Levels of Inquiry

Art Costa is an educational researcher who has divided up questions into three categories depending on the quality of the question.  He claims that if we just use the verbs listed below we'll be come better questioners, which in the end, also makes us better thinkers!  So start using them!   

This site contains links to many additional strategies.

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 QAR strategy (transparency with explanation)
This strategy identifies four Question-Answer Relationships that students are likely to encounter as they read texts and attempt to answer questions about what they have read.  These include "right there" questions, "think and search" questions, "author and you" questions, and "on my own" questions 

Student Handout QAR Explanation  -  Another Version

QAR Strategy Explanation (another version) with Additional Information Links

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For details of the Bloom's Taxonomy and QAR categories click here

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Includes a printer friendly graphic for students of the directions on how to use the strategy 

QAR - Question-Answer Relationships as a way to help students realize that the answers they seek are related to the type of question that is asked; it encourages them to be strategic about their search for answers based on an awareness of what different types of questions look for.

Reading in Science  -  SQ3R

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