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KIM Blank Form For Student Use (2 charts per page)

KIM Bookmark    

KIM Vocabulary Sheet (Blank Form for Student Use) (pdf)
This form is from the Middle School High Five web site.

Word Roots Workup Monday  -  Blank Worksheet    

Word Roots Workup Friday  -  Blank Test Page

Word Root Graphic Organizer - Blank Worksheet

These worksheets can be used with prefixes and suffixes by changing the "Word Roots" to "Word Prefixes" or "Word Suffixes".

CRCSD Word Parts Lists  - 
          Roots (6th)  ~   List  ~  Study Notes Blank Worksheet  ~  Lesson Plan  ~  Study Cards  ~  Roots (WORKSHEETS)   
          Prefixes (7th)
          Suffixes (8th)

General Language Arts Lesson Plan  -  Multipurpose Application

7th LA  -  Introduce KIM vocabulary strategy with “Charles”

7th LA  -  Poetry Terms Chart

7th LA  -  Spelling Strategy  -  Adding suffixes to roots that end in silent "e".

Adding suffixes to roots that end in y  Lesson Plan  ~  Memory Cue/Picture

8th LA  -  Literary Terms - Lesson Plan

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