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A website that actually shows using the Think Aloud strategy.

Teachers need to use the projector hooked up to their computer and then it is a very good demonstration.  This is a great link that shows the depth of the Think Aloud strategy.

Think Aloud Process and Description

Think Aloud is a self-analysis strategy that provides a means for students to identify the types of thought processes/strategies they experience during reading. Equally important, this process reveals the strategies that are not a part of the reader's experience.

Math Think-Alouds

This site provides a sample procedure for using think-alouds to solve math problems.

An Example of a Think Aloud

Research on Think-Aloud Strategies
By Jeff Wilhelm
Research on the use of think-alouds is rich and varied. Find suggested resources for learning more.

What Think-Alouds Can Do for Students (PDF)

“Think-alouds ensure that the hallmarks of engaged reading don’t remain a big secret to a single child in our classrooms."

Think Aloud strategy description and plans

 "a great strategy to use to slow down the reading process and let students get a good look at how skilled readers construct meaning from a text."

This site includes steps for implementation and ideas for adaptations and differentiation.

Bookmark with Think Aloud Steps

A reproducible bookmark that includes questions, strategies, and reminders that students can refer to throughout the reading process

Thinking Aloud/Private Speech

"The more we engage our brain on multiple "levels," the more we are able to make connections and retain what we learn."

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