Why teach Content Area Literacy?

*We never stop learning to read.

*Students don't, or can't, read their textbooks.

*There are many problems with the textbook.

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Learning across content areas (e.g., social studies, science) requires middle-grades students to acquire and apply reading and writing strategies to construct knowledge. Constructing knowledge, a meaning-making process, goes beyond just acquiring information.

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“Students must comprehend 75% of the ideas and 90% of the vocabulary of a content area reading text to read it on an instructional level.”


Dr. Jill Kerper Mora , San Diego State University

Connecting research recommendations to practice can improve instruction. These key research-based strategies have impact on student achievement—helping all students, in all kinds of classrooms. Strategies are organized into categories of familiar practices in order to help you fine-tune your teaching to improve student achievement.

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