G.I.S.T. Procedure

Summarization Strategy – Post Reading

G.I.S.T. stands for Generating Interactions between Schemata and Text.  It is a strategy that is used to assist students’ comprehension of material and improve their summarizing skills.  This strategy forces students to delete trivial information, select key ideas, and generalize concepts into their own language.

Step 1         The teacher selects a short passage (2 to 4 paragraphs) that contains an important main idea.

Step 2         The teacher types the paragraphs and transfers them to an overhead transparency.

Step 3         The teacher shows students only the first paragraph.

Step 4         The teacher gives students a worksheet containing 20 blanks and asks them to read the paragraph and summarize it in 20 words or less.  Words do not have to come directly from the text.

Step 5         The teacher creates an overhead transparency of the worksheet containing 20 blanks.

Step 6         The teacher solicits feedback from the students and generates a composite summary as a guide on the overhead transparency.

Step 7         The teacher reveals the second paragraph and asks students to generate a summary statement that encompasses all of the information in the first two paragraphs in only 20 words.  (Compact information)

Step 8         The teacher may continue this process (steps 5-7) for the remaining paragraphs until the G.I.S.T. summary is complete or have students begin a new G.I.S.T. summary over the remaining paragraph(s).

Purpose – use as an independent strategy at home.

Can be phrases, not complete sentences.

Name that tune – I can summarize this in only 18 words.

Can be in pairs and/or alone.



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