Application of Skills to a Variety of Nonfiction Materials 


6.6 / 7.6     Research Skills

The student will be able to locate information from various sources and share the information in a clear, organized paper.

                  a.  Identify basic parts of a textbook

                  b.  Use various sources from libraries and the Internet to locate information

CRCSD Policy - appropriate materials

"Any reading a student does in any book is valuable."

"Rather than concerning ourselves with book length, we should consider the appropriateness of the book's reading level for the student.  Free reading should be at Independent Level or higher if a student wants a challenge." 

Cheryl Lindo
Secondary Reading Facilitator
April 07, 2006

*There is no minimum number of pages required to make a book acceptable for Reading to Learn class.

*Reading a non-fiction book per trimester is not a requirement for the Reading to Learn course.

*It is a teaching expectation that the Reading to Learn teachers implement research activities/projects according to Language Arts Standard F.

*Doing research is a requirement.  Research can be done using print and/or electronic resources.

*The intent of the 6.6 and 7.6 Reading to Learn course standard and the application to a variety of non-fiction materials component is to have the students participate in a research project resulting in a written product (6th grade) or other multi-genre research project (7th grade) using the appropriate grade level CRCSD Language Arts learning standard for Writing and/or Speaking and Listening

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