Before--During--After Reading
Three Phases of Comprehension
  • Before reading, do  I…..
    _____think about what I already know about the
    _____make predictions?
    _____survey the material first?
    _____set a purpose by having questions in mind?
    (Example:  5 W's, H)
  • During reading, do I…
    _____check out predictions?
    _____read to answer questions?
    _____ make pictures in my mind?
    _____ make connections to my life?
    _____ use fix-up strategies when comprehension breaks down?
    (examples:  read on, reread)
  • After reading, do I…
    _____reflect, react, recap?
    _____answer my questions?
    _____reread to clarify questions that still exist in my mind?
    _____make a plan on how to study and learn the information?