Parent Reading Questionnaire

Student name: _____________________________________________ Date _________________

Parent completing the survey: _______________________________________________________

A. What was the name of the last good book you read?

B. What strategies do you use when you are reading something and you don't understand it?

C. Please check all of the following that apply to you:

_____ I stress the importance of reading to my children.

_____ I let my child see me enjoy reading a wide variety of materials such as magazines, newspapers, books, etc.

_____ In my home, I have a scheduled time set aside for reading.

_____ I limit the amount of time my children watch TV.

_____ I read aloud to my children and encourage them to do so to me.

_____ I have a wide variety of reading materials around the house.

_____ My child has a library card.

_____ I have recently spent time with my child in a bookstore.

_____ Books and magazines are part of gift-giving to my child.

_____ Our family visits the public library.

_____ I monitor my child’s use of constructive computer time.

_____ I read and discuss books my child is assigned in school.

_____ I attend and discuss movies with my child.

_____ I encourage my child to write.

_____ I help my child try to understand difficult reading assignments.

_____ I encourage my child to set reading goals.

_____ I like to read.

_____ Reading-related activities are never used as disciplinary measures.

D. Please include any other comments or information you would like us to know as we work together to help improve your student's reading skills.