Strategies for Reading Comprehension
Question-Answer Relationships
[Raphael, 1982, 1984]

What Is/Are Question-Answer Relationships?
Raphael created Question-Answer Relationships as a way to help students realize that the answers they seek are related to the type of question that is asked; it encourages them to be strategic about their search for answers based on an awareness of what different types of questions look for. Even more important is understanding where the answer will come from.

The core idea: when given a question, the answer will come either from the text or from what students know. 



Rationale: According to R. T. Vacca and J. L. Vacca, questioning dominates teaching strategies from kindergarten through college. They assert that the single most significant influence on cognitive thinking rests on questioning occurring in the classroom. The QAR strategy enhances students abilities to question, evaluate, and answer on a higher level of comprehension.



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